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Spend less time trying to find where to go, and more time being there.

What we do

Hubert M. Schoemaker and Jeni Schoemaker, the founders of Schoemaker Design, are the brains behind City Walker. Our goal is to give tourists a local's guide for any given city. If you are looking for a canned experience of tourist hotspots, City Walker is not for you. If you enjoy experiencing cities like someone who lives there, then City Walker is for you!

City Walker is a local guide in your pocket - day or night. No longer have a cookie cutter experience in a city, with City Walker will guide you to the best local spots within minutes of your current location. It provides fast reliable ways for discovering local hidden gems.

There’s no stressing about parking or wait for a taxi, bus or car. Start exploring and have an immersive experience when it comes to food, drinks, coffee and even a little culture all with your own two feet.

Exploring your surrounding with City Walker is simple - here’s how it works: - Open the app and tap a category - The app uses your location so we can find the best local spots near you - You’ll see 20 places within a 15 minute walking distance of you. The results are ranked by the locals. - Tap on a place, see images, hours and descriptions - If the place looks interesting tap on the map to get turn by turn directions.

Don’t like all the options? Simply tap Walk me to it and using your location, City Walker delivers the best single experience for you so you can enjoy a walk like no other. Enjoy completely, and relax knowing you will see everything worth seeing.

Only in town for a short while? City Walker App is a great way to prioritize your time in a new place. Experience not only the best, but the most a town has to offer using City Walker App.

If you’re visiting a new city, or even a resident in search of something new, City Walker App is the perfect travel app. Try that new restaurant everyone’s talking about — explore the culture the way only locals can — find the hidden gem instantly... with City Walker App.

After you visit a place, we ask you share your Point of View on City Walker - good or bad. You’re point of view is not only improves the profile for the business and passes down local knowledge, it directly affects the search rank of that business.

See unlike other travel app a business can’t pay to be featured. We don’t care how much money a business has, we care that people have a great experience. The local community a business is in, drives where it shows up. The community is the business's marketing team. It’s this approach that levels the playing field for local Mom and Papa business who are competing against multi-billion dollar companies. On City Walker it doesn’t matter how much money you have for advertising, what matters is that your customers are passionate and share your experiences.

Our goal is simple: live like locals.

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Whether new to a city or new to a neighborhood, get started living like locals!