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December 20, 2016

City Walker Launches Version 2.1.1 Of App, Featuring "Walk me to it"

City Walker continues its work providing users the best way to discover great local spots around you. With our brand new "Walk Me To It" feature instead of multiple suggestions, you'll be directed to just one restaurant, bar or coffee spot that comes highly recommended by those who know the area best, locals. We've also added bike directions when the best place is just a bit to far for your own two feet.

We have also squashed many bugs and improved the traveler experience.

Whether you’re traveling to New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC or some other city, get spontaneous with City Walker and live local.

This FREE release is available on both iOS and Android

About City Walker

City Walker is a next generation travel app that gives users a backstage pass to local life. Founded in 2015 by Hubert M. and Jeni Schoemaker, City Walker leverages local point of views to ensure visitors discover the best places to eat, drink and be entertained. For more information on about City Walker, please visit Be sure to follow @citywalkerapp for all things related to your most walkable needs.


Hubert Schoemaker
Founder and CEO

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