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best of new york yoga

Best Yoga in New York City

Want to continue your practice even while you are on vacation? Some of the best yoga studios are in New York City, it is a great place to take your practice to the next level or to get excited about a new form of exercise. The health benefits are numerous and the results are both […]

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Hubert Schoemaker and his daughter Ana

The best of New York with a Gluten Free toddler

In a recent blog post we highlighted some of the best gluten-free restaurants in New York City. This was a particularly important post to Jeni and me because our 3-year-old daughter has to eat gluten-free. So we know, all too well, how challenging it can be to find a tasty yet affordable place that cooks […]

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Gluten Free in NYC health yoga eating allergy

How to Eat Gluten-Free in NYC

Having food intolerances or allergies makes eating out difficult. Gluten-intolerance keeps you from grabbing a pizza with friends, or going out for a romantic Italian dinner. If you’re in New York, food allergies don’t have to keep you from enjoying the local cuisine. In the city you will find some of the best gluten-free options […]

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best irish pub in New York

Best Irish Pubs in New York

City Walker works to bring you the best, local experience possible! With detailed reports from  everywhere from jazz bars to Italian restaurants to hidden bars, there is something for every mood. What are the other best places in New York to spend a night out? Irish pubs! They are  full of rich culture and amazing […]

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Best rooftop bar in New York

Best Rooftop Bars in New York

Not headed to Washington DC anytime soon but still want to try one of our recommended rooftop bars? No problem, City Walker still has you covered. We have looked to find some of the top rated rooftop bars in New York City. Winter, spring, summer or fall, big group or going on a date, there […]

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The New 1920s: New York’s Best Speakeasies

Typical New York nightlife with the club lights and loud music are a great way to spend a weekend. However, after watching an old movie like The Cotton Club or The Great Gatsby, Richard Gere and Robert Redford may have you wanting to go back to the bootleg days with fedoras and flapper dresses. Thankfully […]

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Jazz club in New York City

New York City Jazz Clubs

One of the best part of being in college is being opened up to new experiences and other cultures. Jazz is a genre that most don’t know how to appreciate until they are older, and college is the perfect time to start learning how to listen to it. Whether you are looking for a fresh […]

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What Are the Best Italian Restaurants in New York City?

College dining hall food is notoriously bad and despite the convenience of being able to just swipe a meal card rather than fish for change in the couch, sometimes you just need something different. And you would be doing yourself an injustice if you went to college in New York City and didn’t scope out […]

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Why I Don’t Blame Indiana’s Governor For Eating At Chili’s

You may have seen social media erupt over the weekend when Donald Trump’s VP nomination, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, tweeted a pic of he and his family eating at Chili’s… in New York City. New Yorkers naturally lost their minds over the fact that he’d have dinner at a chain when dining in a place with some of the most unique restaurants in the world.

But I don’t blame Pence. This situation could happen to anyone. It has happened to me. Read more