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Spotlight On: The Rusty Scupper

I remember when the Rusty Scupper opened back in 1982. There wasn’t much else in that corner of the Inner Harbor where Key Highway changes course from East-West to North-South. Historic Federal Hill, once topped with Union army cannons trained on the city center during the Civil War, stood silently nearby. The open park-like space called […]

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Baltimore River View

Inner Harbor Eats – Baltimore Maryland Waterfront Dining

For the past several decades, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has been a huge draw for visitors and residents alike. Harborplace was an amazingly popular shopping and dining destination in the 80s and into the 90s. Back then, the majority of the restaurants within the complex were locally-owned, if not by people from Baltimore, than at least […]

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Baltimore little italy

Little Italy, terza parte: Best Neighborhood in Baltimore

I’ve tried to be good about pointing out restaurants as if you, the reader, are strolling through the neighborhood, but this post might not be as neat as that. While a walking tour of Little Italy is easy because so many restaurants are clustered together, there are also several notable places on the periphery. Keep […]

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John Roast Port Cheesesteak

Best Cheesesteak in Philadelphia According to the Locals

Hey Walkers! At the beginning of May we released custom search categories for Philadelphia as well as New York, Baltimore and Washington DC. Naturally the first one we had to introduce for Philadelphia was cheesesteaks. The custom category cheesesteak has only been out for a few weeks and we’ve already received an incredible amount of […]

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Michelin-starred chef Michael Mina

Spotlight on: Wit & Wisdom in Baltimore

I knew Baltimore had arrived when we got our own Four Seasons Hotel. Not only that, but Michelin-starred chef Michael Mina was opening not one, not two, but three eateries in the hotel. Chef Mina, whose restaurants are mostly on the west coast, may not have been familiar to Baltimoreans at the time, but I […]

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Cake Cake Baltimore Maryland Fells Point

From Fells Point to the Inner Harbor, Part 3

When last we met, we were enjoying the “Admiral’s Hour” at Oceanaire after a stroll from Fells Point to Harbor East. Today, we’re going to wander around Harbor East a bit more. There’s tons to see and do in this area, especially if you’re a foodie. In all honesty, it’s the only reason I ever […]

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Pasta Cinghiale Italian Baltimore

From Fells Point to the Inner Harbor, Part 2

When we last met here on the City Walker blog, we chose (ok, I chose on your behalf) to continue our walk straight down to the end of Thames Street and visit the Waterfront Kitchen, rather than hanging a right onto Caroline. Today, we’re going to explore that other option. Yes, that first block of […]

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Fells Point Baltimore Maryland

From Fells Point to the Inner Harbor, Part 1

When I was growing up in Fells Point, there wasn’t much at all west of Broadway. That’s only partly true, of course–there always was stuff, just not anything that my younger self was interested in. I knew full well that Downtown Baltimore was west of where we lived; my Mom and I made weekly excursions […]

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Ceviche Points South Latin Kitchen in Balitomore

Spotlight: Points South Latin Kitchen in Fells Point Balitomore

Bryson Keens and Rey Eugenio were once managing partner and chef partner at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion at Harbor East some years ago. This was back in the days before there were so many restaurants to choose from in the area, and Roy’s was the place to go. The menu, featuring dishes served in all Roy’s […]

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Baltimore crab cakes

Off the Beaten Path but Worth a Visit

While it’s pretty easy to find the obvious hotspots in Fells Point, that is, restaurants that are on the highly beaten paths of lower Broadway and Thames Street, there are plenty of other gems hidden away on various side streets. Few visitors to Fells Point would have any reason to walk east on Eastern Avenue […]

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